An Open Letter to Eric Holder

Reposted from inside sources:


This memo is being published under the authority of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. I know you have heard of this document, sir, although your consistent disregard of its tenets, is a matter of record.

The purpose of this post is to remind you, sir, that you are sworn to serve as the Attorney General of the United States, and not as an officer of the NAACP, that in your sworn capacity, as Attorney General, you are sworn to uphold the Constitution, and to protect the rights guaranteed, therein, for all the citizens, not black citizens, not white citizens, not Hispanic citizens, and not Asian citizens, but all the citizens, and all the time.

That you would make a public statement about what should, or should not, have happened on the night of February 26, 2012, the day Trayvon Martin lost his life, in the aftermath of a jury verdict in the matter, is outrageous. I wish I could add, it is out of character, but, unfortunately, it is not. You have consistently disgraced yourself, and your office, with your consistent refusal to enforce the laws of this nation fairly, and equitably, as called for in the Constitution of the United States.

Are the American people to expect nothing more from you, sir, than racial pandering? Since the tragic incident,

File photo

File photo

mentioned above, more than 11,000 blacks have been killed in Illinois alone. Has you office intervened in any of these crimes, where 94% of the killers of these blacks, are other blacks? I have seen no evidence of such. Why, sir, are you focused on a single case, in which a jury has already spoken, while saying nothing about thousands of other cases, where the killers are unknown, and the victims are unnoticed?

As stated, you have, repeatedly, disgraced your office with your partisan enforcement of the law. The level of politicization in the justice department, on your watch, is unprecedented in American History.

I make no appeal, here, to your integrity, sir, because, quite frankly, I would not disgrace myself by pretending not to know the emptiness of such an appeal. The appeal, instead, is to the oath of office, taken by every Attorney General who proceeded you, without which you would not have been installed in office.

It is way past the time, sir, for you to enforce he laws of this land, impartially. A jury has spoken in the Zimmerman case. It spoke clearly, and lawfully. All that now remains is to see if you will come behind this jury, now, and speak, politically.

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